Tre Holloway’s mother says that he’s not ready to settle down yet

Cheryl Cole_Tre Holloway Apparently, Shirley Holloway thinks that her son, Tre Holloway, 26, isn’t ready to get married to Cheryl Cole, 29, and settle down. She’s even worried that she won’t hear any wedding bells soon as Cheryl is so adored by her family by now.

Shirley said that everyone is so desperate for them to get married and Tre loves her too. But he’s isn’t in the mood to rush things and propose to her.

The 56-year-old also said that there isn’t any marriage soon. Tre too, didn’t call Cheryl’s father and asked his permission to propose. They are happy how things are now.

There have been rumors the Tre has proposed to the Girls Aloud singer, while Cheryl, who divorced her ex-husband Ashley Cole in autumn 2010, promptly dismissed the rumors that she getting married again.

The “Call My Name” hitmaker is currently preparing for the upcoming Girls Aloud reunion UK tour due next month.

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