X Factor Twins More Likely to Win Than Lloyd Daniels

John and Edward - The X Factor Twins These two have split the nation in two. X Factor’s terrible twins, John and Edward Grimes stand a realistic chance of winning the show, according to the bookies.

Initially the twins were quite literally rank outsiders, with William Hill listing them at 66/1 to win the show, but following a swell in public support for the pair, Bookies have dropped the odds to just 14/1.

Bookmakers also predict theres a 3/1 chance the twins have a Number One single before the end of 2010, and 33/1 that John and Edward represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest next year. PLEASE NO!!! I know we NEVER win, but we are signing our own death warrant if we send those idiots to represent us. Let them represent Ireland or something. lol.

A spokesman for William Hill’s said: “If you want to know who is voting for the twins, the answer is the ten thousand people who have had a bet on them and they just might win it!

Despite the odds increasing in favour of John and Edward, they are still way down the table, with current favourite to win Joe McElderry having odds at 3/1.

Just behind him is Olly Murs with 4/1, then Danyl Johnson at 9/2, Lucie Jones with 5/1, Stacey Soloman and Jamie Archer at 7/1, John & Edward at 14/1, Lloyd Daniels at 25/1 and Rachel Adedeji at 33/1.

So if we go by the above odds, John and Edward Grimes have more chance of winning The X Factor than Lloyd Daniels and Rachel Adedeji!!!

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  1. Egbe, V says:

    I saw X afctor as a talent sentimental. But the british public is becomming sentimental about it by voting less talented contestants in the likes of John and Edward.

  2. I suggest you read Ben Elton’s – Chart Idol. You will find all the rubbish move that we have seen over the years.

    Third rate performers like Cheryl Cole are a disgrace to Art.
    She is an untalanted young lady with a huge Northern bias.

  3. I think that Jon and Edwaes sang better than Lloyd this week, HE should go, Cheryl is the worst judge this year!

  4. In my opinion, John and Edward are good entertainers but not singers and shouldnt win at all…i've seen other groups let go or didnt make the top 3 that should have before J & E. Over all, i say my vote and bet is on Joe to win…

  5. funnybones7 says:

    I announce all Lucy fans to now switch their vote to Jedward.

    I am really disgusted with the farce of a show.
    Simon deserves the twins to win if that's the way he's gonna play. The other contestants should do ok from the show.

    I just want to see Simon with egg on his face. Lucy was just getting into her stride and could definatly have had an outside chance of winning!!!!

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