Twirls Aloud for Pole Dancing

Out of Control Pole Dancing Girls Aloud are set to perform one of their raunchiest ever dance routines on their forthcoming ‘Out of Control Tour‘, The Sun has today revealed.

Its with great pleasure i bring you news that the sexy girl band have been secretly taking lessons in POLE DANCING for their Out of Control tour, which is set to kick off next Friday at the Manchester MEN Arena. And guys, if you’ve not got a ticket to one of the 32-tour-dates, its about time you get yourself a pair, and treat the missus to a night out!!!

A source from the Girls Aloud tour has given details on what lucky audience members are in store for over the next few months.

The source said: “The girls have been taking tips from some of the best pole dancers in the business to put together a really naughty dance routine for their song Fix Me Up. Each of the girls has their own podium-mounted pole to show off their skills and costumes. It’s jaw-dropping stuff.

And if thats not enough, the group have put together their own cover of Britney Spears’ comeback hit, Womanizer. Cheryl Cole and the girls will be decked out in skintight PVC dominatrix gear dishing out their ‘punishment’ to their male dancers.

I wonder if they had a spare gimp mask left over for her hubby ASHLEY COLE?

The girls have packed their shows setlist with a record-breaking 20 consecutive top 10 tracks, and their imminent single Untouchable. The source added: “The girls will open and close the show with The Promise. They also have Biology, Love Machine, Call the Shots and The Loving Kind with more half-naked songs.

The Loving Kind will see the girls perform in individual neon boxes.

Girls Aloud have also incorporated their high-wire stunt which they performed live on Dancing on Ice on ITV last month. “At one point in the show they will fly from the main stage to a specially constructed smaller stage in the middle of the arena to perform two songs.

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  1. Nikki says:

    i luved every minute of the concert… i went to see thm in Newcastle in may and it was fantastic… tht part of the show were thy performed womenizer, fix me up, revolution in the head was ma favourite part of the whole show… girls aloud r just fantastic :)

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