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Video: Cheryl Cole Debut Single - Fight For This Love

Video: Cheryl Cole Debut Single – Fight For This Love

Cheryl COle - Fight For This Love Video So today was the day all Cheryl Cole fans have been looking forward to, as The X Factor judge released her debut single on Radio 1 this morning.

Cheryl Cole’s first ever solo single, called Fight For This Love was played at 8am this morning on The Chris Moyles Show, and already there seems to be thousands of people on Twitter which absolutely hate the song.

I must say, i like it so far, but its nothing ‘out of this world’, but take a listen and tell me what you think by leaving us a comment below…


Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love
So what do you think guys and gals?


  1. fliss says:

    i luv it!!!!

  2. its absolutely amazing and IS special

  3. Livzz. says:

    seriously? i think its amazing, its in my head all the time, fight fight fight fight fight for this loveee!

    Cheryls amazing, her interview on Key 103 aswell :) aww still in her PJ's haha! :) love you chezzaa xx

  4. adele says:

    if this song is anything to go by the album will be fantastic song is great well done cheryl

  5. @crazygirlsaloud says:

    I love Cheryl sooooo much nd her new single is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 3threewords says:

    i absoutley love love LOVE this song Cheryl, shes soo gorgeous, shes my idol and passion
    ive pre-orderd three words and cant wait for it to arive (:
    any cole fans wanna add

  7. its fab!!!!

  8. marina says:

    ths vdeo and song is amzing. chez is amzing

  9. olivia thomas says:

    I think it's fantastic:)
    Cheryl is my icon.

  10. kitcute says:

    che, i really like you , your beauty reminds me of my exy-girlfriend..oh by the way am from the land of passionate kisser…philippines

  11. Rebecca says:

    Fight for this love is amazing !!!! :D :D

  12. Rachael says:

    the songs amazing im actually in Love with it!!!

  13. Cheryls new single fight for this love is amazing i cant stop singing it and i already know all the words. Cheryl was my fav girls aloud singer and i love her soooooooo much!<3
    cheryl you r amazing
    love u sooooooooooooo much babee!
    (im NOT a lezzie by the way)

  14. I think the song is so tacky and what is she weraing in it!!!! she cannot even dance to save her life! Please dont ever boost about this song and video, you will look more silly than you already are love! remember your roots

  15. don't like it at all…

  16. kirst says:

    you are pathetic it was awesome…id lyk 2 see you go solo dukk…or infact actually sing and dance as well az she duz!!! lv 4 chezza .x

  17. angie says:

    cheryl my little lad cameron and i like that new song fight for this love. we love you when you dance it is really frantic. keep up the good work. i heard that another new song three words thats really good as well. cheryl you are so amazing girl and beautiful one as well. hope to see you at carlisle soon. we love you too. angie xxxxxxxxxxxx aspatria

  18. leeana says:

    I think ths song is ok, Cheryl can not sing, the dancing was ok, I thing she should just go and make babies for Ashley or put on some weight. She is so over rated, One thing I can say she works SMART

  19. I think that cheryl was amazing on saturday because for some one to sing and dance at the same time she did GREAT and she can sing and people just need to give her a break !! xxx


  21. ZedFour says:

    It's selling so fast because it recieved mass media attention, like alexandra.

  22. me mia says:

    yeye still in her pjs -so wat shes still flipin gud we all fink so at the moment (it will get borin soon) :*

  23. me mia says:

    you r pathetic how can you not like it you must be 1 of them slow music peepsB) like kirst sed yu r pathetic<3:):p

  24. me mia says:

    :):D sum peepul dont no wat music is they go 4slow pathetic music

  25. me mia says:

    im the biggest star
    im the biggest star of cheryl cole fight 4 this luv i think if you think you r reply 2 me and fight 4 the biggest fan!!!!

  26. olivia mills says:

    omg whoever dosent like this video and cheryl cole there soooooooooooooo crazy i luv her she sooooooooooooooooooooo amazing isnt she .

  27. javayria says:

    its the best song ever and im happy for cheryl

  28. I think all Cheryl's music is amazing. I love her sooooooooooooo much. I think she is doing absolutly fab. You Go Girl:) Love all your moves aswell been trying to do some of the moves and i REALLY can't do them. You do sooooooooo well Cheryl I love you

  29. @xxbubblepopxx says:

    Facebook Campaing. Get untoucbale by Girls Aloud into the top10, Downloading from 31st Jan @00:00- 6th Feb @23:59

  30. Dorogthy says:

    I wonder why people are hipocrites that they cannot say the right thing about anything theefore leading people astray. Why not tell Cheryl Cole the truth and let her change her ways for Gods sake.

  31. Dorogthy says:

    Enough is enough for these so called black guys who do not seem to like their kind for marriage. So whatever they get they should shew it ha ha ha.

  32. Dorogthy says:

    There is nothing special about Cheryl Cole as she is doing what she does for a living as most people do from centries ago. It people who make her feel she is something special that she cannot keep her home and starting looking out side like most celebs do. They please people outside and destroy their own lives.

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