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When will Cheryl return to the X Factor 2010?

When will Cheryl return to the X Factor 2010?

With the 7th series of X Factor underway, we are left wondering if Cheryl will be well enough to return to the show for the Judges’ Houses stage?

The first stage of the auditions that started in June are now hitting our screens and X Factor Betting is already taking shape. We know we will see Cheryl for the first few episodes as she was able to attend Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Dublin and Cardiff to sit with 4 out of the 5 celebrity judges.

The nation’s favourite X Factor judge unfortunately was not able to make the last auditions in Manchester due the illness malaria as we all now know.  Paparazzi pictures from the Cardiff auditions on the 2nd July showed Cheryl looking stunning as always but perhaps a little down spirited.

When the judges first walked out onto the Cardiff X Factor set Simon said hello to the audience and joked with them that Cheryl had a “hang over” and was feeling a little fragile. It had been Cheryl’s birthday 2 days before so she may have put her feeling unwell down to celebrating her birthday, working hard on the X Factor show and not thought about it any further.

I wonder if Cheryl herself realised how ill she actually was or if she put the early symptoms down to working hard on X Factor and still dealing with the stress of divorce from Ashley Cole? The Saturday following the Cardiff audition Cheryl collapsed after a photo shoot, she was warned about fatigue and told to rest. On Sunday in her Surrey mansion, doctors were called when her condition deteriorated after she began “sweating and shaking”.

Hopefully Cheryl will be fit enough to return at the Judges’ Houses stage, she is still staying with Derek in his LA home while recovering. She has made the odd trip out on an evening for a meal and although looks better she still looks slimmer and slightly tired, keeping her head down from cameras. It doesn’t look like Cheryl is planning to return to the X Factor until she is completely better.


  1. Christopher McMillan says:

    I do hope Cheryl will return to the X Factor for the Judges houses stage of the X Factor soon. She is and have heard that she's back at the gym and getting into good shape for her new solo album and her photo shoot. I do still think she needs to take things easy and slow down more. Am thinking of her everyday and want her to be back soon. She's done so well for her self and she is going to get even stronger and stronger again soon. My love to Cheryl xxx

  2. Christopher McMillan says:

    Cheryl is my most favoruite person in the world. I wish she was part of my life and she is part of me in me. I am hoping Cheryl will pay a visit to Scotland soon and sign her new book through my eyes for my Scottish fan's. Am going to invite her to Glasgow to do this for us all here. I will welcome her to Scotland in private and then enterduce her to everyone how comes to get it signed. This will be a great opportunitey for me to do this and a great expericence it will be too. Cheryl is welcome to Scotland anytime. Love you Cheryl xxx<3

  3. Required: Name says:

    cherl you are a babe now but when you had no surgery done you were horrible

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