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Who Wore It Best? Cheryl Cole or Cheryl Cole...

Who Wore It Best? Cheryl Cole or Cheryl Cole…

Cheryl Cole was seen on The X Factor last weekend as ‘The Lady in Pink’, after the pretty judge wore pink dresses on both Saturday and Sunday nights show, but which outfit looks best on her??

On Saturday nights X Factor, Mrs Cole wore a Giles Coral frock, with full structured skirt and cut-away panels. On Sunday nights result show, Cheryl looked hot in a Fuchsia Jean Pierre Braganza frock. A sophisticated slim silhouette and structured cut showed off her petite physique.

So which look takes the crown this weekend?

Who wore it best: Cheryl Cole on Saturday Night, or Cheryl Cole on Sunday Night?

Leave your comments below…

Cheryl Cole Pink X Factor Dress


  1. sophie says:

    i thought the one with the bow in her hair was sundays? but anyway yeh i like that one better :)

  2. sophiesmith says:

    i mean saturdays *

  3. Lirva_Engival says:

    the pics are the wrong way round…the one on the right is best :)

  4. Kayleigh says:

    Are they not the shoes she wore for her fight for this love video? i swear they are the ones she wore on sunday in the picture which was infact saturday ?? can someone reply??

  5. The one that she wore on Sunday was definitely best!:)

    love ya cheryl <3:*

  6. katie x says:

    i love them both bu 1 tha she wore on the actual saturday even thou it says sunday on this

  7. i want that shoe that she wore sunday sooooo bad!!
    she looked good on both days, and even tho i go for more conventional dresses, i somehow find sunday dress was better…imo

  8. XxXxX says:

    Not sure actually. I prefer the Saturday shoes, mainly because I'm not a fan of ankle-length boots, but when I see pictures of her in magazines in the Saturday dress without the shoes on show, I actually kind of like it.

    By the way, the pictures are the wrong way round, because I distictly remember Cheryl hugging Lloyd (I think) and seeing the fuschia straps round her shoulders. I also remember all 4 judges giving Joe a standing ovation on Saturday and the hemline of her dress showed above the table.

  9. yolanda says:

    sudays better

  10. yolanda says:

    sundays better

  11. Christopher McMillan says:

    Both Saturday and Sunday she looked great in both dresses on those two days.

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