Who Wore It Better? Cheryl Cole Saturday or Cheryl Cole Sunday?

It was The X Factor Semi Final. Over 14 million people had tuned in not only to see their favourite acts, but what Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue were wearing.

This week, Cheryl Cole pulled out all the stops. On Saturday night, she proved that being a celebrity has its benefits, as she debuted a dress by Russian designer Chapurin which hasn’t even been released yet. The one shouldered look is really being worked on this year as Cheryl and Dannii have worn one-shouldered dresses a lot this season.

On Sunday night’s show, Cheryl Cole wore a black Halloween-styled dress. The short dress with a huge train is a great way for channeling all the majesty of a full-length frock while still flashing a substantial amount of leg. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to find out who designed the dress, but we’ll bring you details if/when we find out.

So the question is simple people…

Who Wore it Better? Cheryl Cole on Saturday or Cheryl Cole on Sunday?

Cheryl Cole X Factor Semi-Final Dress

So which dress suited Cheryl Cole more than the other? Leave your comment below…

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  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I know i say it every week, but Cheryl Cole will look great no matter what she is wearing, but….

    For me, i LOVE the black dress from Sunday nights show. As i pointed out in the article, that dress allowed Cheryl to look very elegant, yet still show an ample amount of leg, and damn, she has got an amazing set of pins on her!!!

    Love you not matter what your wearing Cheryl, but black dress is me fave.

  2. sophie says:

    i agree she looks really nice on sunday but she looks so cute on saturday!

  3. katie x says:

    I Love tha black dress so much bu i du lyk da ova bu her hair on saturday is gawjus =]

  4. I like Staurday Best, wow

  5. same

  6. omg………she looks great both days……..i think she looks soooooooooooooo sexxxy on sunday!! but exxxxtremely cute on saturday……never really saw her in such subtle colours, but me likie alot!!!

  7. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I agree, Sunday she looks drop dead sexy. As you say, she looks nice on both days, but there is defo something about Sundays dress which totally suit's her. Ashley Cole is one very lucky man, even if i do hate him.

  8. XxXxX says:

    Oh God, that's a hard one..love both dresses!

    P.S. Was that the first week Cheryl stepped out without hair extensions? I can't remember…

  9. cherylcoleshagger says:

    she looks better with no clothes on x

  10. Alisha says:


  11. Rosebud says:

    Both of them, even though she looks like a very sweet princess in the black dress. I really admire Cheryl;)

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