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Why Do X Factor Contestants Mime the Group Song?

Why Do X Factor Contestants Mime the Group Song?

X Factor Contestants Miming Will Young has spoken out today confirming what everybody else already knew. The X Factor contestants mime their group song on the Sunday night live results show.

But he has questioned why they are not criticised for miming, and why they’re even aloud to mime it in the first place? The Pop Idol winner made his remarks in response to the controversy surrounding Cheryl Cole’s decision to partly-mime her performance of Fight For This Love on The X Factor last month.

He said: “I think there’s a very mixed reaction to different people whether they mime or sing live. Some people get away with it – I’m not entirely convinced the contestants sing live on the Sunday shows in the group thing, but people don’t comment on that.

He added: “I think Cheryl can do no wrong in my eyes. So it’s just different people for different things. But Cheryl did a great performance. I don’t think it really matters. It’s showbiz.

What do you think fans? Should The X Factor contestants be allowed to mime their group song on Sunday nights?


  1. sophie says:

    why does anyone care if anyone mimes everyone seriously needs to get over it as long as there good thats all that matters

  2. katie x says:

    Well Tbh they sudnt be mimin coz der on da show to prove to ppl they can sing not mime

  3. Elizabeth says:

    i agree with both sophie and katie. They are on a singing competition, they are here to prove to the world that they can sing, and they're good at it. Why are they miming? If the contestants can mime while singing together, why is Cheryl miming a solo song a problem. there are at least 5 singers singing together. They don't get judged when they're miming on a talent show, but why is Cheryl being judged? Cheryl was doing a hardcore dance while singing, whereas the contestants were only sitting down. It's not fair on Cheryl. I think she did fab. luv her to bits.

  4. chel gener says:

    I agree with Elizabeth. They’re making too much fuss about Cheryl miming. But they don’t seem to care if others do. Why do they have to put the BIG PRESSURE on Cheryl? And even when Cheryl sang FFTL live, some people still don’t believe and insist that she is miming. Btw, here in the Philippines, people don’t mind if the singers sing their song live or not. No big deal. (Just an info) Anyway, keep doing great Cheryl! I love you. :)

  5. Odette says:

    no its not about if there just good or cute or sexy they have to sing as it is a singing contest and that is how we end up with people in the charts that cant sing and have to have some sort of record that has to have lots of backing singers to cover it up… Joe, stacey and olly can truely sing but im astonished that they mime the group sing….stop it x-factor your ruining the show!!

  6. Anyone can record something 15 times and get it right. the skill is to sing live, that's what the show is all about. It's pants really.

  7. Guest Man says:

    Why would you want to go and watch somebody pretending to sing?!?!?!?!

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