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Why Kelly Brook is 'Better In Bed' than Cheryl Cole

Why Kelly Brook is ‘Better In Bed’ than Cheryl Cole

Kelly Brook Better in Bed than Cheryl Cole I really cant believe I’m writing about this, but others are talking about the subject, so I should too I guess.

I’m sure there are millions of men all over the world who would love to have Cheryl Cole in bed with them (me included,) but expert’s are claiming you’d have a better time in bed if you went with curvier females such as Kelly Brook, or Cheryl’s arch enemy, Charlotte Church.

According to a survey by bed-maker Silentnight, 89% of men say they prefer curvier women as lovers than stick-thin females. The study also revealed that 56% of people who prefer curvier partners believe bigger men and women are more considerate about what they like between the sheets. But it’s not just about their sexual skills that make a larger person better in bed. Curvier people are less restless, so they offer a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Why though? Here comes the science bit.

Sleep boffins at Silentnight conducted a two-year study into what makes people toss and turn in the night and found that thin people toss and turn 10 times a night, compared to just two by plumper sorts. The experiment showed that pressure points are behind mattress movements. Thinner people suffer more from pressure points on the body, which decreases circulation and makes them turn more often to relieve the pressure.

A spokesperson for Silentnight said: “Curvier men and women all over should be feeling pretty happy right now. Our survey shows they rate highly in the passion stakes, and the science shows they’re better behaved in bed too – the perfect partner!

So who would you rather go for people? Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brook or Charlotte Church? Leave a comment below….


  1. Fahd zaarour says:

    Definitely Cheryl Cole, she is the best in the world.
    I would be happy if im friends with her, she's amazinggg.

    wish: i want to see her one time face to face :D.

  2. but cheryl isn't stick then :( of course i'll choose cheryl cole. she's the best and everyone luvs her, she so down to earth and cares about every one she comes around

  3. qwerty says:

    i agree wit both of you how can u choose kelly brook over cheryl. shes the best and i would love to meet her face to face aswell shes the most perfect woman on the planet i luv u cheryl

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