Will.i.am Thinks Cheryl Cole Will Be Perfect For The Voice

cheryl cole Apparently, music producer Will.i.am thinks the Cheryl Cole will be the perfect replacement for The Voice.

This follows after Jessie J announced that she won’t return for the singing show’s next series and speculation about who will occupy her empty judging seat on the show. And Will.i.am thinks he knows who will be best for it.

According to The Daily Mail the former Black Eyed Peas singer said that he thinks the former Girls Aloud singer and his close friend Cheryl, 30, will be ideal for the position. He said though Cheryl has been focusing on other things, I know that she could see herself back into a talent show. She would get offers from The US and The UK, but The Voice would be perfect for her.

The 38-year-old rapper also said that viewers like so these personalities on the show, but other coaches also like them because they are good to work with, two qualities Will.i.am thinks Cheryl has.

Will.i.am continued that Cheryl has been successful in judging music talent shows in the past. She goes along with contestants very well and gives them everything to them. The audience also loves her and it’s important to be likeable in these shows. He also said that he loves working with her and it would a pleasure for him if that happens.

Meanwhile, following Jessie J’s departure from the show, fellow coach Danny O’Donoghue also confirmed that he will leave The Voice.

The BBC is expected to announce who will fill up those empty revolving chairs.

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