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Will.i.am wants Britney Spears & Cheryl Cole to Duet

Will.i.am wants Britney Spears & Cheryl Cole to Duet

According to The Sun, Will.i.am has approached and suggested Britney Spears that she does a duet with Cheryl Cole.

Will.i.am has helped the “X Factor USA” show’s judge during the Judges Houses competition stage and is thought to have discussed the matter of possibly of collaborating with Cheryl during his visit.

The Sun citing a source reported even though there were rumors that Britney and Cheryl are going for a duet, it wasn’t until this week than Will.i.am and Britney actually had a meeting. Will.i.am told that he is working on a new great track and wants both of his “favorite girls” to record the single together at his studio in his home.

Will.i.am’s new album, #willpower has a track that features Britney has said that she is going to be great with the “Call My Name” singer and has seemingly brought four tracks to her recording sessions featuring the Girls Aloud star.

The Source added: Will.i.am is trying to get the two together even since he became Cheryl’s manager.
Previously, Will.i.am said that he would also like Rihanna and Cheryl to duet.


  1. Al Mamun says:

    hmmm….that’s rather interesting. I have always been a big fan of Britney’s and she seems to be cleaning up her act and personal life recently. She’s been through a lot and she got into the music and entertainment industry at such a young age. I was really shocked to hear how much she hates Demi Lovato! I wonder how the X Factor is going to get by this season. http://gossip-celebrity.net/index.php/britney-spears-hates-demi-lovato/

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