Will Simon Save Jedward Again in Queen Week on X Factor?

Jedward on Queen Week It’s been a tough few weeks for the contestants of The X Factor, and specifically, Simon Cowell has received a LOT of flack this last 7 days.

After backing John and Edward Grimes last week which led to Lucie Jones being outed, ITV have received over 4,000 complaints and TV watchdog Ofcom are investigating to see if the result was fixed.

But who is backed for elimination this week? Well it’s not looking great for Lloyd Daniels, who has been predicted to get the boot this Sunday, while Jedward will also be in the bottom two with him.

And even the terrible twins know how close they came to elimination last week, after they admitted they thought they were going home on Sunday, and were surprised the telephone vote saved them.

We’re so grateful to the public for keeping us in,” John told the official X Factor website, before revealing they got a boost from the shows guest stars. “The Black Eyed Peas came up to us and said ‘yo, what’s up Jedward, we were talking about you guys on the radio and you’re about to blow up.

They were so cool and to be a successful artist like them, or the Backstreet Boys, Robbie Williams, Whitney Houston or any of the groups we’ve met, to make it anywhere in the music business, I think you’ve got to be a nice person.”

So what do The X Factor Betting Odds currently say? Well Lloyd Daniels is still favourite for the chop this week, though several firms have been trimming Jedward’s odds this last few days and have odds of only 12/5 to depart.

Jamie Archer has also been dropping in odds, currently fetching 9/2 while Danyl Johnson is currently going at 12/1. Stacey Soloman and Joe McElderry have remained to be fairly close in the betting odds stakes, with 22/1 and 25/1 respectively.

Olly Murs is still favourite to win the show, where at the moment he is at 40/1 to make a shock exit this week. But lets be fair, that aint gonna happen.

And if John and Edward do fall down into the bottom two again this week, Paddy Power are offering 7/4 that Simon Cowell opts to save them again, and 2/5 that he votes to send the pair home.

What do you think? Who is leaving The X Factor this week?


  1. sophie says:

    jedward better leave!
    my mum is refusing to watch it until they're out haha

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