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X Factor 2009 Live Show Week 2

X Factor 2009 Live Show Week 2

The X Factor Pictures Diva Week. A tough week, as Cheryl Cole repeatedly lamented, but only because boys aren’t great at diva material and she’s mentoring…the boys.

But now that the performances are over, how well did The X Factor contestants do?

Well, here’s the return of the Unreality TV X Factor chart for our opinions on the best and the worst of the crop tonight.

You can fight it out with us in the comments!

  1. Jamie Archer – A surprise top position for Jamie Archer, but well deserved. Jamie showed soul and delivered a fantastic, sensitive performance. Certainly a depth we honestly didn’t think he had! Well done Jamie!
  2. Joe McElderry – In contrast to Jamie’s experience, young Joe still manages to impress with a beautiful singing voice and more stage presence than the peers in his age group.
  3. Olly Murs – Formerly couldn’t stand Olly (on a charge of smarminess – he’s been caught red-handed), but his performance tonight was the most ambitious from a choreography point of view. The vocal wasn’t too shabby either and showed that Murs is taking the competition seriously.
  4. Stacey Solomon – A beautiful performance from Dagenham Stace, who looked gorgeous onstage. What’s holding her back from a higher position is an obscure song choice and a general lack of movement on stage.
  5. Danyl Johnson – The highly anticipated possible winner of the competition took on a previously unheard Whitney song with many strings pulled by mentor Simon Cowell. Shame that the song was so dull. He worked well with what he was given though, but it wasn’t up to his usual standard (although it wanted to be).
  6. Lucie Jones – Lovely Lucie made a valiant attempt at a Whitney song, but ultimately it was too big for her and kind of brought out some of her weaknesses as a performer. Though she looked great onstage, she showed that she might still have a lot of work to do on her act.
  7. John and Edward – It says a lot when the worst singers of the night weren’t the worst act. John and Edward succeed at entertaining an audience. They’re the Chico, the Same Difference of the competition. A bit of a joke, but at least they can engage with the audience – something the lower acts have a problem with.
  8. Rikki Loney – Even ditching his ridiculous hat collection couldn’t make Rikki shine in this competition. Notably, Simon said to him that “you went from a pub singer to a wedding singer in one week”, perhaps showing him exactly what he thinks of him.
  9. Lloyd Daniels – Otherwise known as “poor poor Lloyd”, this kid is utterly lacking in stage presence. We almost feel sorry for him with the ‘rabbit-in-headlights’ look in his face. The girlie vote will probably keep him in longer than necessary though.
  10. Rachel Adedeji – Oh Rachel! Terrible. I had such high hopes, but she started singing on her back on the stage and it sounded awful. Song choice hit her hard as well, and it looks like Dannii is struggling where to place Rachel as an artist.
  11. Miss Frank – I know a lot of people thought this was a good performance. It wasn’t. I just thought it was a noisy mess and I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose votes tonight. Another of Louis’ acts on the chopping block this week?

Well, readers, what do you think? Are we on the money or do you have a different chart?

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  1. Robyn Bigspoon-Milkybarkid Cormack-Coombes says:

    I agree with most of this post although I do think Miss Frank should be a lot higher!

    I love Stacey <3

  2. I think lloyd is fantastic, he has a great voice he may not be joe or daniel but hes a natural performer!

  3. Mr.Listener says:

    i agree with your list! this week i have to give it to jamie, but joe's my fav. i loved how jamie expresses himself in the performance with truth, honesty and sincerity.

  4. Hakeem says:

    Cheryl luked so beautiful!!!

  5. That's a good list yeah. For God sake for once some of the Brits should put their notorious ego aside …stop booing John & Edward, they are the worst singers in the competition BUT they entertain me everytime, not all popstars are good singers. At least they are tough, appealing and humble and they did not come on the XFactor with a pathetic sad story and cry on every show, 2 genuine and funny little lads. Even if they get voted off , it will be still with honor and I am sure this won't go on the national assembly.
    my favourite is Olly. go on Olly.

  6. Steve Brown says:

    Same difference actually had good voices and a talent. John and Edward actually have no ability to do anything whatsoever. The only thing keeping them in this year is the hype and backlash against the haters. That is why the producers have gone too far this year.

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