X Factor Hopefuls Under Siege by Fans

The X Factor House London 2009 Finalists in this years series of The X Factor are reportedly under siege from over zealous fans at their glass-fronted mansion in London.

Last week we announced that Cops Were Called In To The X Factor House after the the £5 million luxury mansion in London was raided by fans following its exact location being published on Twitter. Four riot vans had to attend, where they removed several hundred fans from the area.

But fans show no signs of letting up, and show bosses have been forced to board up the massive windows which overlook the road, preventing fans from taking photos of finalists while inside the house.

Simon Cowell and his X Factor bosses have a real concern that paparazzi or besotted fans might get a picture of one of this years wannabes in a state of undress, which has now prompted Cowell to order workmen erect a higher fence around the property.

Cheryl Cole’s contestant, Lloyd Daniels said: “We couldn’t go near the windows because of the fans.

The X Factor Contestants House

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