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X Factor's Joe McElderry Has Fallen for Stacey Soloman

X Factor’s Joe McElderry Has Fallen for Stacey Soloman

Joe McElderry Falls for Stacey Soloman The X Factor contestant should be concentrating on their singing careers right now, but if reports are to be believed, Joe McElderry has fallen for his fellow contestant, Stacey Soloman.

The 18-year-old is said to be smitten with Stacey and has been spending as much of his free time with the single mum as possible. A Friend of Joe’s told a tabloid: “The two share a very close bond. They love spending time with each other and have a very special relationship. Nothing has happened so far, but the seeds of romance are definitely there.

Joe’s attentions could lead to tension in The X Factor house though, as Olly Murs is also reportedly smitten with Essex girl Stacey. Earlier this week, an insider from The X Factor said: “Olly is absolutely head over heels about Stacey – you can see it in his eyes.

And a friend of Stacey’s thinks that Stacey is interested in Joe romantically too. “Stacey’s definitely a favourite with the boys. Everyone loves her, but the flirting is nothing compared to her close friendship with Joe. That’s the one to watch.

So would Joe McElderry and Stacey Soloman make a good couple? Leave a comment below…


  1. Vicky says:

    aww they would be such a cute couple xx

  2. claire says:

    i dont really think they would be a good couple. I just couldnt pictue them together xxx

  3. Joe Mcelderry says:

    Joe mcelderry is going to win. They're so cute together and it will give them something passionate to sing about too. Go joe mcelderry!

  4. prince says:

    i thought he was gay? but wow… they’d make a super adorable couple!! i love joe!! he is such a goodie two shoes.. and stacey is such a lovely girl!

  5. Amy Bennison says:

    i do think they would make a good couple as stacey is one of the lovlest girls i have ever seen on a show like this and jo bless him omg i acctually love him, i wish he never liked stacey but i do think they would make a good couple :D love to joe and stacey hope things work out :) xxxx

  6. stacey is a bit of a slapper. she's bonked one of the guys from JLS, had a snog with Olly and is now keen on Joe? Tart!

  7. stacey should be with olly hellouuu joe is so gay!

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